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St. Petersburg Terrorist Photos: Must-See Pictures of Bombing Suspect


At least eleven people have been killed in explosions that hit St. Petersburg’s metro system on Monday. Early reports indicate that at least 50 have been injured.

What Happened?

Blasts in two train carriages at metro stations in St. Petersburg, Russia, killed at least ten and injured at least 50, according to emergency services. Another explosive device was later found and made safe at a station nearby.

UPDATE 12:50 P.M. ET – The Telegraph is reporting that two search warrants have been issued in relation to the St. Petersburg Metro explosion.

Seven metro stations have been closed down: Victory Park, Electrosila, Moscow Gate, Frunzenskaya, Technological Institute, Sennaya Ploshchad, Gostiny Dvor. Evacuations are also under way. One report claims that at least one of the blasts involved a device filled with shrapnel. Another report says the blast was a suspected IED insive of a car at the station.

The explosion took place as the train was traveling between the stations Tekhnologichesky Institut and Sennaya Ploshchad of the St. Petersburg Metro.

Below is an additional image of the suspected terrorist who is said to have planted a bomb in a carriage in St. Petersburg’s metro.

The Russian Prosecutor general labeled this incident as a “terrorist attack.”

The suspect is said to have entered Petrogradskaya station roughly 20 minutes before the bomb detonated.

Hezbollah has already spoken out publicly to condemn the attacks, saying “We will stand with Russia.” At this time, no terrorist organization has taken explicit responsibility for the attack. However, a pre-attack propaganda poster with ISIS roots has been unearthed. The image shows an ISIS fighter standing in front of the Kremlin with the caption, “Kill them where you find them,” according to the Daily Express.

Three days of mourning starting from tomorrow has been announced in St. Petersburg, according to an order issued by the city’s governor, Sergey Poltavchenko.

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