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Who’s The Toughest Guy Scottie Pippen Ever Guarded?


Tom Hauck /Allsport

Scottie Pippen is well-deserving of his place in history even apart from Michael Jordan. The man averaged almost 20 points per game during the Chicago Bulls’ six championship seasons while playing defense like the Spartans inĀ 300. He made First Team All-Defense eight times in his career, Second Team twice and led the NBA in steals during the 1995 season.

Pippen has locked up legends 1-on-1 such as Magic Johnson, Gary Payton and Reggie Miller, which is why it was a bit surprising when he tweeted a pictures of himself on Monday alongside another NBA legend he considered his toughest guard.

Wilkins’ Atlanta Hawks met Pippen’s Bulls just once in the playoffs (1993) and were swept easily. However, it’s worth mentioning that Wilkins averaged 30 point per game in that series. Even so, it’s a bit of a head scratcher given that Wilkins was in his age 33 season that year and close to the end of his career. Then again, Metta World Peace once said that Brandon Roy and some no-name guy from Queensbridge were the toughest players he ever guarded, so who knows what goes into this equation.

This isn’t a knock on Wilkins, who was appropriately nicknamed The Human Highlight. But it is an interesting little tidbit of NBA history. Much respect to both of these legends.

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