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Wisconsin Principal Makes Fun Of Students’ Paint-Splattered Jeans, So They Buy Him A Pair


Jeffrey Miller, a high school principal in Racine, Wisconsin, has gone viral after dressing up in the same exact pair of paint-splattered jeans as two of his students.

Miller, the principal at Racine Park High School, told Yahoo that he noticed two boys wearing the bold pants Thursday morning as they were arriving for class.

“I saw the two of them, and they had the same pants. I saw ’em and gave them a little bit of a hard time,” Miller said.

After Miller joked around with the two students, so they promised to get him his very own pair. And they later delivered on that promise.

Via Yahoo:

“I saw the two of them, and they had the same pants. I saw ’em and gave them a little bit of a hard time,” says Miller. After joking around with the students, they vowed to get him his own pair. “I told them 38/30 and forgot about it,” he says.

Later that day, just before lunch, Miller got a call on a walkie-talkie to come up to a classroom. There he found the two students and a teacher. “The kids had a bag, and I just started laughing,” says Miller. Three other teachers were in on the joke, one of them going out to a local store, Rue 21, to buy the pants.

Miller confirms the two students in the photo were in class all day and that it was a teacher who went out and got the pants.

The three of them then spent the lunch hour walking around the school posing for photos and going into classrooms. “It was amazing the amount of joy and laughter this brought,” says Miller.

Not to get all sappy, but this is the type of thing that can make a difference in a kid’s life. Rarely do students remember passing an exam or scoring a goal for varsity, but instead, they remember special moments like these with their teachers.

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