Nichole Cevario Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Mass Shooting Suspect

Nichole Cevario, the 18-year-old who was planning to attack Catoctin High School, has been released from the hospital and arrested. She has been charged with plotting against Catoctin high school and is being held without bond.
Here’s everything you need to know about Cevario’s planned attack.

What Happened?

Nichole Cevario, 18, was planning to attack Catoctin High School on April 5 with homemade explosives and a shotgun, according to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.
“[S]he had the means and equipment to have caused a significant life safety event at Catoctin High School if she had followed through with the threat,” police said in a statement.
Cevario, an honor student, was taken out of class last Thursday and immediately transported to a hospital for evaluation. The school and police were first tipped off to Cevario’s plans by her father, school officials said.

Police searched the family’s home in Thurmont, Maryland last week and found weapons and a journal. Among the weapons was a shotgun with ammunition and bomb-making materials including magnesium tape, pipes with end caps, fireworks, shrapnel, and fuse material.
Cevario reportedly used the journal to lay out her nefarious plot, with police saying she “spelled out a detailed shooting event that she planned to execute on a specific date in April.”
“The journal was very detailed, including a time line that revealed how she was going to execute the plot, and her expectations at each stage of the event,” police said.
“I’ve never seen anything like this, to be honest with you,” Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said. “It shocks the conscious to see someone of that age could be thinking like that.”
Following the plan’s exposure, Superintendent Terry Alban recorded a message about school safety that was later posted to YouTube for students, faculty and family members.

Who Is Nichole Cevario?

Nichole Cevario is an 18-year-old student at Catoctin High School in Maryland. She planned to set off a bomb at the school and shoot classmates and faculty with a shotgun. Police say that it was clear she had mental health issues.
Officials say she acted alone and is currently in police custody being held without bond. She will likely be charged with possession of explosive and incendiary material with intent to create a destructive device.

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