Hofstra University Sends Email Warning Students About Flasher On Campus

I don’t want to make light of a sexual predator on a college campus because that is indeed a serious issue, but every time I hear a story about a flasher, I think of the flashing scene from the CLASSIC Super Troopers. If you’re too young or too uncultured, this is what I’m talking about:


So, go ahead, I allow you this moment to giggle to yourself before we get down to the facts.
Okay, now let’s get to it.
Hofstra University sent a safety alert to school’s community warning about a potential sexual predator on campus.
According to a representative from Hofstra, a male flasher has been seen in the area of the university’s Hempstead campus.
According to News Day, Karla Schuster, a spokeswoman for the school, said the warning was sent out on Tuesday, March 28, however, it was not immediately clear when the incidents occurred.

“A male individual has been committing lewd acts in a car off-campus, in the vicinity of the entrance gates off of Hamilton Road,” the safety alert said.

The suspect is described as male, 20 to 30 years old, and has been seen sitting in a dark-colored sedan.
Schuster also said that the Nassau County and Hempstead Village police departments were notified and have increased police presence in the area. Neither agency provided information about the incidents.

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