Loyola New Orleans Will Give 400 Incoming Freshmen Free Textbooks Next Fall

Paying for textbooks might be the biggest joke about college. You shell out hundreds of dollars for books at the start of each semester, and then you get a fraction of your money back when you return them just months later.
It’s a total scam, and if you’re looking to avoid it when heading to college next fall, you might want to consider Loyola University New Orleans. The University announced that they will be handing out free textbooks to 400 lucky incoming freshman for the 2017-2018 academic year.
The school believes that if students are prepared with their textbooks from jump street, it will boost their grades and lead to higher graduation rates. According to Loyola New Orleans spokeswoman Patricia Murret, they are just the second college in the country to offer this type of program. Let’s keep our broke ass fingers crossed that these programsĀ are very successful and spread like wildfire.
Via NOLA, here are the details on how freshmen can register for the free books.

To qualify, participants must take part in a short online conversation about college preparedness with a university staffer, submit their admission deposit by May 1 and register for classes over the summer.
The program could help the college’s enrollment numbers. Loyola reported enrolling 2,506 undergraduates in fall 2016. In fall 2011 it enrolled 3,165 undergraduates, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
Students No. 401 and up will be put on a wait list in case the program expands.

Bourbon Street, shrimp po’ boys, and free textbooks. Not a bad college option at all.

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