Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases: Top 5 Best Cases To Buy Today

Samsung just launched their Galaxy S8 and now have their answer to Siri. Their new smartphone voice assistant will be called Bixby as a rival Apple. Expectations are high for the S8 and the product comes in two sizes, the regular being 5.8-inches and the plus version 6.2-inches.
The new model will be less curved than the S7, and will feature a 12-megapixel camera on the back. The new addition, Bixby, will be a little different than Siri. The feature will allow you to take a picture of a landmark with Bixby being able to tell you about the photo and what’s around you in the area, including restaurants and gas stations.
The Galaxy S8 will officially launch April 21. One of the most important aspects of following the trend of updating your phone is protection. Check out the best phone case options for the new smartphone below.

Peyou Protective Case

This is probably the coolest case so far for the S8. There is a ring on the back that can rotate 360 degrees which can be used as a stand for the phone. Supposedly, the design on the outer shell of the case makes it “drop proof.” Everyone drops their phone at some point if not daily, so this case is perfect for anyone.

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Moko Heavy Duty Case

The heavy-duty case is definitely more on the masculine side and might not slide into your pocket as easily. The phone is completely covered and seems to be pretty “drop proof” as well. The back kick-stand is pretty sweet and it’s not that expensive either.

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Mini-Factory Hybrid Defender Case

This is your stereotypical case that will get the job done. There are two detachable parts that make up this case. It’s definitely not as bulky and has just enough protection to keep your new Samsung from getting cracked.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Case

The Unicorn Beetle is a little similar to the Moko Heavy Duty and its bulky frame is aimed to ensure protection. It is highly recommended on Amazon and is slim enough while still maintaining the phone.

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VRS Simpli Mod

The VRS Simpli Mod is the sleekest design, but it is also the most pricey. This case is pretty much the opposite from the heavy-duty cases. You’ll get the most for your dollar with this professional-style case.

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