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Donald Trump, Whose Gallup Poll Rating Is At 36%, Once Tried To Troll Obama Over His 39%


Even though Barack Obama is younger than Donald Trump, the Donald is the first true president of the social media age.

Sure, Obama was a ‘young man’ when he was elected to office, but Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were nowhere near what they are today, and even if they were, it still would be strange for a man in his late forties to be particularly active on them.

But you know who has been active on social media all this time? President Trump. Donald Trump joined Twitter in March of 2009, which, if you’re keeping score at home, is about six weeks after Obama was inaugurated. Coincidence? Illuminati? I’m not paid well enough to make those decisions, so you’re on your own.

And as we all know by now, the problem with the social media age is the footprint you leave behind. Most of us are embarrassed when a friend comments on an old Facebook photo, so imagine becoming the president and having people from all over the planet digging through everything you’ve ever said and done online. I’d be belly up in the 24 hours. I would maybe even take the Michael Scott approach and control the story before the story controlled me.

So, that brings me to this August 17, 2011 tweet from Donnie Freedom. At the time, it seemed harmless because even Trump never thought America would be stupid enough to elect him as commander in chief. But he was wrong, and now here we are. Where are we, you ask? We’re living in the sideways dimension from the final season of Lost where our cartoon caricature of a president once tweeted about the previous president’s 39% Gallup Poll rating, only to now sit at a sterling 36% himself. That’s three points lower than Obama ever went. Whoops.

As a wise man once said in a little-known ’90s movie no one has ever seen (by the way, happy belated, Quentin): “The less a man makes declarative statements, the less apt he is to look foolish in retrospect.”

President Trump obviously never got that memo.

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