UK Students Respond to March Madness Loss By Setting Things On Fire

Look, no one likes when their school’s team loses, especially during March Madness. It’s completely understandable to be upset. But empathy only stretches so far when fans starting burning things and drunkenly mosh pitting.
Such was the case for University of Kentucky students following the team’s crushing last-second loss to North Carolina in the Elite Eight on Sunday. Rowdy and pissed off students gathered on State Street after the game to set fires to trash, boxes, cans, beer bottles, shirts and even a TV.
Yeah… college is weird.
The crowd can also be heard chanting ‘f— UNC’ in a video taken capturing the post-loss depression. That one we can understand a bit more.
Listen, we get it. The Tar Heels hit a game-winning jumper with 0.3 seconds left. That’s a gut-wrenching way to lose a game and would enrage any fan with a heart. But is this really the most appropriate response?

We’d even be more forgiving if this was a one-time thing. But UK students set a chair on fire in the middle of State Street last week when Kentucky beat UCLA. Let me repeat: they lit fires after a victory… C’mon now, people. You’re better than that.
“I’m proud of these guys,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said after the loss. As he should be because the team played their hearts out. It’s the fan you have to worry about.
Kentucky (32-6) will miss out on the Final Four for the second straight year. Carolina (31-7) will play Midwest champ Oregon on Saturday in Phoenix in the national semifinal.

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