Police Searching For Woman Who Almost Ran Over Family In Walmart Parking Lot

Union City, California police are searching for a woman who struck several people with her car in a Walmart parking lot after the store refused to let her return some batteries.
The unidentified woman entered the Walmart around 6:00 P.M. on Sunday, March 19, attempting to return some batteries and became extremely agitated when the staff denied her a refund.
The woman left the store, got in her silver Honda Accord, and was filmed reversing into a family as they walked by. CCTV footage shows the woman continuing to back up and striking several people.
Furthermore, Union City police said she narrowly missed a three-year-old girl and her mother.
Via NBC:

‘The suspect then takes off at a high rate speed out of the parking lot causing other pedestrians to run out of the way of the speeding vehicle.
She intentionally backed up twice to get out of that parking lot. So we’re calling it an assault with a deadly weapon.
So, if people have video or they have a picture of the license plate, or the suspect that we could use to help us out a little bit,” said Sgt. Steven Mendez.

While the Walmart parking lot is filled with cameras, police do not have a clear shot of the license plate.
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