WATCH: 'The Leftovers' Final Season Trailer #1 Official Video

I know this is a cliche, but The Leftovers really is the best television show you’re not watching. If they crush their final season, you watch, people will discuss it as one of the all-time greatest TV shows ever. You heard it here first.
The Leftovers essentially tells the story of the end of the world. Beginning three years after a rapture-like event known as “The Departure,” The Leftovers follows Kevin Garvey, a police chief, who tries to keep his life together while also experiencing…strange…incidents, including seeing people, hearing voices, and, oh, being able to come back from the dead.
After critics were somewhat lukewarm on the first season (I loved it, ahead of the curve as always, let it be known), the writers shifted the narrative in season two, completely changing both the location and the cast. The result was a television masterpiece. But don’t ask me, just ask Rotten Tomatoes:
Of the ten episodes aired during season two, EIGHT of them were given perfect scores, while the other two were given a 92 and a 93. In other words, critically, it was one of the best seasons of televisions of all time.
So, at this point in the article, it really goes without saying I have high hopes for this final season. With only eight hours of the story left, I expect The Leftovers to close out moving at a thousand miles a minute, crushing your heart at every twist and turn.
You just wait, come June, your friends are going to be telling you about how you just haveee to see The Leftovers and critics are going to be debating whether it’s the greatest show of all time.

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