Nintendo Switch: Top 5 Best Accessories You Need To Own

Earlier this month, Nintendo released its portable console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch, into the wild and if you were lucky to get one, you know that you want to treat it as if it’s your child.
You’re probably thinking, ‘How can I protect my Switch from the dangers of the world when/if I leave my house?’ Well. look no further. Here are the top accessories you need to make sure your new Nintendo Switch stays new and so you can score some sweet bonuses in Breath of the Wild.


First off, you’re going to need a case. I have two options for you.
If you are going on a planeĀ or taking it to a friend’s house, you would probably want to bring all the accessories and wires. If that is the case, you should definitely pick up the Traveler Deluxe System Case.
This was the first case I bought for the Switch and it’s worth it. Inside you can fit the Switch with Joy-Con attached, the dock, controller grip, Power Adapter, and it comes with a game case so you don’t lose your Legend of Zelda cartridge.

Buy this case here

The second case that I recommend if you are just bringing it to school or bringing it in along in your backpack is Premium Console Case.
With this case, it fits the game cartridges in the top and then has a little net for your Nintendo Switch. Sometimes it’s hard to take the Switch out of the net due to the analog sticks, but I carry it around in my backpack along with my computer and books and the case has protected the Switch every time.

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Screen Protector

Now you’ve probably been on Reddit or saw reports of how the Switch screen can be scratched when you place it in a dock. If you are worried about that, then you will probably need a screen protector. Here is the best one on the market.
The amFilm Tempered Glass protector for the Switch works like a charm. It comes with two protectors just in case you mess up the first time… which you won’t because it was super easy to apply. I highly recommend this screen protector compared to others on the market.

Buy screen protectors here


If you have used the Joy-Con Grip included with the Switch and didn’t like the feel of it or your hands were too big to make it comfortable, look no further. Nintendo released a Pro Controller for those that prefer the feel of an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller.
When I’m done playing in hand-held mode or if there is a Divine Beast in Zelda that I need to beat, I prefer to use the Pro Controller. It offers bigger buttons and more of a relaxed feel so your fingers don’t get cramped during those long gaming sessions. Even though it is a steep price tag, this controller lasts 40 hours on a single charge and can make the difference between gaming for an hour or gaming for a night.

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Last but not least are the Amiibo. Amiibo characters are Nintendo’s way of getting into the toys-to-life market. Scanning the Amiibo on the Switch will give you power-ups in the games that you play. With Breath of the Wild being recently released, so were a new set of Amiibo, each with their own goodies to bring once scanned.
When you scan the Archer Link Amiibo (far left), you will receive a random amount of meat and fish and sometimes a bow and arrow.
The Rider Link Amiibo (far right) you will receive a random amount of mushrooms and sometimes a horse saddle and melee weapons.
The Guardian Amiibo (center) will get you ancient parts which will help you upgrade your Sheikah Slate in-game.
The Zelda Amiibo (not featured) will get you plants to pick up and possibly a shield.
The Bokoblin Amiibo (not featured) will give you meat and possibly a weapon when scanned.
I wasn’t a fan of these toys-to-life figures whether they are Nintendo, Skylanders, or Disney Infinity (RIP) but these come in handy. After a battle with a Divine Beast or any of the other creatures living amongst Hyrule, having the opportunity to get meat and fish to build up your health or a good sword to fight off any other enemies is highly beneficial. I make sure to scan my Amiibo every day so I can stock my inventory because it will definitely come in handy.

Buy Amiibo here

Once you get these accessories, your Nintendo Switch will be complete, but you can never forget about all the great games coming out this year.

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