Mike Francesa Gives Top-Notch Analysis Of Potential Maryland/Florida State Matchup

Mike Francesa was breaking down the March Madness bracket, and as per usual, he dropped all sorts of wisdom on his listeners. When Francesa was discussing the potential Maryland/Florida State matchup in the round of 32, he showed just how much college basketball he watched this year.
Listen to him forget that Maryland no longer plays in the ACC and mumble nonsense for roughly three minutes of truly insightful radio.


Jesus Christ, that was awful. That clip felt like an eternity with all of that dead air. Loved that he just started humming while googling like a madman trying to figure out why Maryland didn’t play Florida State. What a moron.
How the hell does this man get paid so handsomely to give such harebrained analysis??? I could understand if this was the Terps first or second year in the Big Ten, but this is their third year in that conference. Get with the goddamn program, Mike.
At least he gave us this enlightening piece of advice.
“I could see them winning this game. I could see them losing this game.”
Dynamite stuff. It’s safe to say I just locked up my bracket pool this year.

Printable NCAA Bracket 2017: March Madness Tournament PDF
Printable NCAA Bracket 2017: March Madness Tournament PDF
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