You'll Be Surprised To Know Which 'Game Of Thrones' Death Cost The Most To Film

HBO’s Game of Thrones delivers a highlight reel-worthy death practically every single week. What many fans don’t realize, however, is that these deaths cost a lot of money. From the special effects to the blood spurts to all of the necessary details, killing someone is expensive work. But which Game of Thrones death cost the most? It’s an intriguing question for fans who enjoy all of those juicy behind-the-scenes details. Thankfully, showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff answered that question at a recent panel.
One favorite may be Oberyn Martell’s gruesome demise. The Prince of Dorne’s face exploded like a watermelon (which was completely avoidable but don’t get me started), which couldn’t have been cheap. Another solid guess is Joffrey’s crowd-pleasing death. The little jerk king was poisoned and his face turned the most delightful shade of purple. Or how about any of the many, many gut-spilling deaths we’ve witnessed over the years?
Nope. None of them top the list.
Surprisingly, the most expensive death in Game of Thrones history came in the season five finale when Arya Stark stabbed out both of kindsguard member Meryn Trant’s eyes before cutting his throat.

Yeah, pretty intense. But why was this death the most expensive?
“She couldn’t really poke out his eyes,” Benioff said.
Well, I guess that makes sense, even if it’s a somewhat anti-climactic answer. Hopefully, we get an amazing death that tops that in season seven.
Game of Thrones will return to HBO on July 17.

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