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Joe Biden’s Daughter Reveals Which Obama/Biden Meme Had Him Laughing For Hours


(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

A tale as old as time… a song as old as rhyme… Obama and Biden.

Even before Donald Trump stormed through the White House, making us realize how truly hate-able the president’s office could be, Barack Obama and Joe Biden were re-writing what it means to be #FriendshipGoals. Just watch Obama reward Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and you can see the love between the two is tangible.

But of all the joy Obama and Biden bring to the world in real life, it is their internet-selves that provide the greatest reward: the Obama & Biden memes.

Toward the end of Obama’s presidency, the internet lit up with these now legendary memes. The presence was simple: use a regular photo of Biden and stick a preposterous yet somewhat realistic caption below it. The results were glorious.

However, despite the hilarity of all of these memes, there was ONE that stood out to the former VP himself.

According to Moneyish, the following meme had Biden laughing for over an hour.

So, there you have it, the funniest Joe Biden meme according to Joe Biden.

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