Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out His Entire Film Career With James Corden

I’d argue that pound for pound, Pulp Fiction is the greatest film of all time. Certainly the greatest American film of all time. And without question, Samuel L. Jackson is the best part of Pulp Fiction.
One of the most amazing things about Jackson is that you always think of him a Samuel L. Jackson — he looks the same, sounds the same, yells the same. And that’s a credit to Jackson’s acting prowess because even though he’s essentially playing himself in every movie, he still crushes. Whereas someone like Tom Hanks or Leo Dicaprio becomes the role, when it comes to Samuel L, the role becomes him. Whenever I watch Star Wars, I don’t see Mace Windu, I see Samuel L. with a lightsaber, and that’s just fine with me.
Anyway, in case you didn’t already know this, Jackson has had a hell of a career, and this hilarious retrospective with James Corden will remind you why he’s one of the greatest actors of a generation.

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