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Shooting In Greenpoint Area Of Brooklyn Prompts Large Police Response


Greenpoint, Brooklyn Shooting

There has been a large police response to a shooting in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn Monday afternoon. The shooting took place on Greenpoint Avenue near the intersection of McGuinness Boulevard.

What Happened?

Police have responded to a reported shooting at 185 Greenpoint Ave in Brooklyn around 2:35 P.M. EST. The NYPD have confirmed that one person was shot and taken to a hospital.

According to ABC7, a 51-year-old Brooklyn tenant allegedly shot and killed his 45-year-old landlord following an escalating dispute. The suspect then locked himself in an apartment for at least one hour, until police successfully negotiated with him to come out. He is now in custody.

WABC-TV’s Josh Einiger reports that the Pulaski Bridge traffic was halted to a stop during the standoff between police and the suspect.

“There was a pop across the street – we originally thought it was a popped tire, but it turned out it was a gunshot,” said Camille, the owner of Kween Kargo Bike Shop on Greenpoint Avenue.

“Within about a minute police were flooding the area. Then we saw an ambulance and a stretcher,” she continued. “Shortly after that, we saw a police officer go and knock on a window at 185 Greenpoint, and we saw the guy come out with a gun, and that point we all hit the ground.”

Camille described seeing police take strategic positions behind cars and drawing weapons.

“At that poine me and everybody in the shop hit the floor and waited for instructions from police, and after about 10 minutes, they asked us to kind of crawl out, keep low and kind of come down the block here.”

The investigation is ongoing.

The scene is active with police at the moment.

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