Alabama's Reuben Foster Got Into Hospital Altercation, Was Sent Home From NFL Combine

Alabama’s Reuben Foster may have done quite a bit of damage to his draft stock on Friday. He was waiting at a hospital to get a pre-exam, and he was not pleased with how long the process was taking. Fed up with sitting around, Foster got into a heated argument with a hospital worker.
Here’s Robert Klemko with the deatils.

Really, man? You’re less than two months away from getting drafted and making a boatload of money. Just keep your shit together for a little while longer till you get that fat signing bonus. Then, you can go nuts over hospital wait times, cut senior citizens in line at Golden Corrals, whatever your impatient heart desires.
Foster was supposed to meet with teams for interviews on Friday night and have a psychological evaluation today, but that’s all been cancelled. His ass got put on a plane back to Tuscaloosa.
Foster was considered by many draft pundits to be the top linebacker in this year’s class and a top-10 pick overall, so it will be interesting to see how this incident will affect this draft stock. If I were Foster, I’d just try to spin this as an eyebrow misunderstanding. Classic Uncle Leo style mix-up.

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