Our Miss COED Finalists Are Going To Be Stunting With Their New Solo Bags

Our Miss COED finalists won some amazing prizes for making into the final round of Miss COED 2017 because they deserved it. These girls are always on the move: headed to class, events, games, etc. So the problem they face is always carrying everything they need and looking good doing it. And now that Solo–a New York company that makes bags for men and women–hooked up the Finalists with a bag of their choice, these Miss COEDs will be able to look stylish and collected as they’re going from place to place.
Solo makes everything from tablet cases, to briefcases, to duffels, to backpacks that are functional and cute. They’re also one of the largest and fastest growing urban brands today. Naturally we were really excited when they came on as a sponsor of Miss COED 2017. You can see a couple of examples in the gallery above, or you could head to their website to see all the choices they have.
The best part about these bags is that they’re functional, good looking, and (wait for it), affordable. When there’s so much other stuff to have to pay for, it’s always great to know that there’s well-priced options for bags and backpacks. Whether you’re looking for a new bag for a job this summer, school, or just that laptop bag has some style, you should look at the bags on Solo.net.
Personally, as a dude who can never own enough duffel bags, the Impulse Duffel is something that I would 100% bring with me everywhere.

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