Dude Steals Maserati During Test Drive, Doesn't Make It Far

Am I an immoral person for kind-of-sort-of-maybe admiring this dude who stole a Maserati during a test drive? You know what, don’t answer that. I’m running with it.
After an “exhaustive” search (air quotes for sarcasm), police have recovered a $150,000 2016 Maserati Gran Turismo Maserati that was stolen during a test drive. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I promise this is not a scene from an upcoming Will Ferrell comedy. While this crime definitely earns points for hilarity, it has to be┬ádocked for a lack of proper planning. It’s important to remember when you’re cruising down the highway in a stolen car, the car dealership still has your driver’s license.
According to the arrest report, 45-year-old Michael McGilvary II hopped into a test drive at a Fort Lauderdale dealership in Florida on February 21. Soon he stopped at a Boca Raton resort, boasting to the salesman about his boat. But when the dealership employee stepped out of the car at the dock, McGilvary sped away.
Police have not commented on the car’s condition or exactly how they recovered the vehicle (which positively tickles the imagination). The Sun Sentinel┬áreports that McGilvary is back in custody on charges of grand theft and for violating parole in a federal drug case.
So, kids, take this as a valuable lesson. If you’re going to steal a luxury automobile, make sure you don’t leave your driver’s license behind as incriminating evidence.

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