Someone Spray-Painted ‘Frat Lives Matter’ On UConn Spirit Rock

UConn officials and students are irrationally up in arms after it was discovered that someone spray-painted the phrase ‘Frat Lives Matter’ on the university’s spirit rock. The prank comes just a week after six Kappa Sigma brothers were arrested in relation to the October death of a 19-year-old student Jeffny Pally.

Students and staff from the university deemed the prank ‘insensitive’ and ‘too soon.’ The rock has since been repainted with a ‘message of unity.’

UConn’s staff has not said if any investigation will be launched or if any disciplinary action will be taken. Similarly, authorities are not sure who wrote “Frat Lives Matter” on the rock.

Via NBC:

In October, Jeffny Pally died after being run over by a campus fire SUV. Police said Pally had an alcohol level more than three times the legal limit and had been sitting against the fire dept garage doors when they opened for the vehicle.

Authorities said Pally had been drinking at the off-campus Kappa Sigma house. Those six frat brothers now face several charges, including permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol.

The UConn Interfraternity Council released a statement:

“The wildly inappropriate and insensitive messages of ‘frat lives matter’ painted on rocks throughout our campus this morning do not in any way reflect the values or beliefs of the UConn Interfraternity Council or any of our 12 recognized member fraternities.”

According to the UConn IFC, one Greek life member from every fraternity and sorority on campus helped repaint the rock.

The six fraternity members arrested in connection with the death of Jeffny Pally were Patrick Callahan, 21, Matthew Moll, 21, Dylan Morose, 22, Jonathan Polansky, 22, Dominic Godi, 21, and Austin Custodio, 21. They now face several charges, including permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol.

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