WATCH: New 'Alien Covenant' Trailer Will Make You Need New Underwear

I’ll admit that I’ve been pretty down on Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien prequel, Alien: Covenant. Not only was I not overly impressed with Prometheus, but I also didn’t like the idea of Scott pulling a James Cameron and only playing in one sand box for the rest of his life.
But then this new trailer dropped and, well, now I’m afraid a Xenomorph will burst out of my chest and give me an acid bath if I continue criticizing. Seriously, please check out this tense, horrifying, well done trailer.

Yes, there is a whole bunch of CGI in this trailer which does have me a bit concerned. The albino-alien (perhaps the Neomorph that has been rumored for some time) and the full-blown Xeno both look a little…off. But, that last shot of the alien going all space murder on Danny McBridge earns the benefit of the doubt.

Alien: Covenant

Director: Ridley Scott
Starring: Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender, Danny McBride, Demian Bichir
Release Date: May 19, 2017

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