Jon Stewart Hopped On 'The Late Show' To Tell The Media To Quit Bitching

Ever since Donald Trump won the election, The Late Show has finally found its groove. In fact, the week after the inauguration, The Late Show beat out The Tonight Show in ratings for the first time since Stephen Colbert’s first week as host.
Part of that hot streak has been the somewhat monthly appearances made by former The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who is always a welcome addition to the late night circus.
Using a tunnel under the Ed Sullivan Theater, Stewart made his way back behind Stephen Colbert’s desk. Stewart reveals that whenever Trump says, “believe me,” to the audience or on television, he’s actually just spreading “bullsh*t.” This clip is CLASSIC Stewart and definitely worth the watch. The dude needs to go back to Comedy Central and boot Trevor Noah the f*ck out of his chair.

Goddammit, I miss this dude.

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