Harvard Law School Administrators Accused Of Stealing Over $100,000 From Students With Disabilities

Meg DeMarco and Darris Saylors are being accused of committing one of the most dastardly crimes that I’ve ever heard. Here are all of the details behind their sordid scheme.

What Happened

While working as administrators at Harvard Law School, DeMarco and Saylors were stealing money hand over foot out of an account that was supposed to be used for students with disabilities. From CBS Boston, here’s what authorities believe DeMarco and Saylors were up to.

In a criminal complaint the I-Team obtained, Harvard University police allege Meg DeMarco, 33, and Darris Saylors, 32, used the funds to purchase laptops, iPads, DVDs, jewelry, and even a few X-rated items. In all, the police investigation said the women stole about $110,000.
According to the court documents, things started to unravel in November 2013 when a new budget manager at the law school noticed some discrepancies.
Both DeMarco and Saylors resigned from their positions at the Dean of Students office while a lengthy police investigation ensued.
The probe revealed purchases of dozens of laptops, iPads, iPods and other electronics. Court documents say a subpoena to Apple traced the items to DeMarco’s home in Chelsea and Saylors’ apartment in Cambridge. Police also discovered items at the homes of Saylors’ friends and family in California, Washington and Tennessee.

Campus Reaction

Unsurprisingly, students on Harvard Law’s campus are not too happy with DeMarco and Saylors. Via CBS Boston:

Kristina Vu is a second-year law student who is blind and uses a guide dog to navigate campus. She was shocked when she heard the allegations.
“It’s horrifying,” she told the I-Team. “Knowing that someone is out there taking away those crucial resources from the vulnerable student population that needs it to succeed is honestly very appalling to me.”

The Aftermath

Saylors and DeMarco will be arraigned in Cambridge District Court on Wednesday, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that they deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law. Stealing money from people with disabilities to buy sex toys is as low as it gets. It’s like the goddamn Grinch taking the last can of Who-hash.
These students were counting on DeMarco and Saylors to look out for them, and they were out splurging on fancy contraptions to diddle themselves with. I hope they lock up DeMarco and Saylors and throw away the key. They’ll have to make their own sex toys in the joint, using a rock hammer like Andy Dufresne making a chess set.

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