Is This The Best Street Fight Of 2017? No, But The Cameraman Is Absolutely Hilarious

Street fights are one of the more addictive YouTube rabbit holes to go down. With gladiators considered too barbaric these days and MMA more of a skill sport, people need to indulge their bloody instincts one way or another. Don’t hate, participate.
Normally, what makes a good street fight video is, you know, good fighting. People like to see crazy knockouts and whatnot. But sometimes, something special happens and it’s not the actual fisticuffs that grab our attention.
Behold the “Best Street Fight Of 2017” video, in our professional opinion.

Is this the best street fight of 2017? No, not even close. In fact, the fighting was pretty mediocre, all things considered. What makes this video so great is the cameraman’s hilarious, LOL-inducing commentary.
This guy was just on his couch, minding his own business, when all of a sudden a fight broke out across the street. Naturally, this dude responded in the only mature and adult way that is acceptable: grabbing his cell phone and running outside to film it. While shooting one fight, another fight broke out (a cameraman’s worst nightmare). Watching him run back and forth between the two tussles is just pure comedic gold.
“I’m tryin’ to be a good cameraman!” he yells during the commotion. “Fight for your yard, fight for your yard,” he tells the four brawlers as they begin to tire. This guy isn’t so much filming the scuffle as he is egging it on. “That’s your brother, get in there,” he whispers to a fighter on a time out as they watch the other two continue to duke it out.
But enough of my play-by-play, check out the video and see for yourself how great this random YouTube is.

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