WATCH: What’s With Girls Always Dating Older Guys?

Allow us to reintroduce our video series “He Said/She Said,” where we listen to real guys and girls talk about relationships, dating, sex, and whatever else separates us. In the first episode, we talked about the age-old question of whether or not it’s OK to date someone younger or older. It’s a situation that we see in high school, then college, then after college graduation, so we had to investigate.

We listened to Birna (Instagram @BBirna) and Sarah (Instagram @Sarah.Elizabeth.Giles) talk about their experiences and their friends’ experiences, then we heard out from the guys Max (@MDKurtzman) and Yofray (@YofrayRay) talk about how men perceive that reality.

Special thanks to CollegeWeekly for helping us shoot/edit, and to the actors who weren’t afraid to keep it real. If you have some good ideas for questions, leave some in the comment section at the bottom.


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