Kappa Sigma Fraternity: History, Alumni & Must-See Details






Looking for some information on Kappa Sigma? We got you covered. We’ve got all of the details on the fraternity’s history, chapters, alumni, and of obviously their drinking prowess. Here’s everything you need to know about Kappa Sigma.

Kappa Sigma Details

Letters: ΚΣ
December 10, 1869
Notable Alumni:
Jimmy Buffett (singer), Robert Redford (filmmaker), Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger (motivational speaker), Ted Turner (media mogul), Rick Barry (NBA Hall of Famer)

Kappa Sigma History

Kappa Sigma was founded on December 10, 1869 at the University of Virginia. According to fraternity traditions, Kappa Sigma was originally an ancient order founded between 1395 and 1400 at the University of Bologna to protect students from the corrupt governor. Fast forward to America and five students at UVA met in 46 East Lawn to birth the Kappa Sigma Fraternity in the United States. These five founders have since become known as the “Five Friends and Brothers.” These five helped pass down the Star and Crescent, Kappa Sigma’s credo.
Over the years, Kappa Sigma has developed into one of the most popular fraternities in the country and engaged in countless philanthropic efforts. Most notably, Kappa Sigma has partnered with the Fisher House Foundation to aid current and former military members. Since 2007, Kappa Sigma’s work in the Military Heroes Campaign has raised more than $1 million for service men and women all around the globe.

Kappa Sigma Party Videos

Charity isn’t the only thing Kappa Sigma is known for. They also have a reputation as one of the most balls out party frats in the country. Colorado University’s chapter went all out for Beachapalooza in 2016.


And here’s a foam party for good measure.


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