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Woman Drives Into Flock Of Birds Expecting Them To Move (Spoiler: They Don’t)


To be completely fair, I would’ve assumed that the birds were going to move too. However, instead of just plowing into them and hoping for the best, I would at the very least slow down and probably lay on the horn.

Do you know what may make a flock of birds move? A speeding car. Do you know what definitely will make a flock of birds move? A slow moving car that’s blasting its horn.

Long story short: this woman clearly just wanted to massacre a flock of birds. There were multiple ways to deal with this situation, and she chose the one that results in the most avian casualties.

Via NY Post:

A mother and daughter drove straight into a flock of birds on an empty highway, wrongly expecting them to fly away in time. The collision killed numerous birds, and caused snow to scatter all over the car’s windshield. The driver claimed, “I couldn’t slow down that much.”

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