Rutgers Refused To Allow Students Into Job Fair Because They Were Wearing Blue Suits

Bruh. It’s almost like the higher-ups at Rutgers have a meeting every six weeks where they all sit around and debate how they can make themselves look incompetent next.

Rutgers University issued an apology after it banned students from its annual career fair for not adhering to its PREPOSTEROUSLY strict new dress code.

Colored shirts, blue suits, and brown shoes were all banned at the February 10 event, which led to students being turned away at the door. I don’t know when the last time Rutgers officials went out into the business world was, but the blue suit/brown shoe combo is essentially the young professional’s go-to outfit in today’s day and age. Rutgers’ ignorance shows just how out of touch they truly are.

According to the Rutgers student newspaper The Daily Targum, university students were required to wear black or dark grey suits. This dress code caused around 40 people to be denied entry.

Rutgers Business School (RBS) Dean Lei Lei apologized on behalf of the school’s administration on Wednesday for turning away students at their career fair last Friday.
The Office of Career Management will help students contact recruiters if they were unable to meet with them last week, she said in a statement to The Daily Targum.
“We regret that the actions at last week’s career fair adversely affected some of our students and cast a shadow over the success we have achieved in helping our students secure more meaningful internships and jobs,” she said.
Rutgers Business School Director of Communications and Marketing Daniel Stoll said the school’s administrators will be revising the dress code guidelines, and that they would likely take in student input during this process.

A petition asked Business School Director Eugene Gentile to apologize to students, as well as for the school to revise its dress code.

“Navy is the most popular color on Wall Street for suits. It is very unfortunate that students were turned away from the career fair for committing the crime of being fashionable,” according to the petition. “… RBS needs to recognize navy as appropriate business attire because the whole world already does.”

Rutgers, welcome to 2017, where people wear BLUE suits. Shocking, I know.

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