Dude Trolls Girlfriend On Valentine's Day In Epic Fashion

We made it through another Valentine’s Day, ladies and gentlemen. Pat yourselves on the back for still being single or in a relationship, whichever lifestyle choice you’re most proud of. For those of you with a significant other, I’m sure you had to endure some back-breaking romantic scramble to prove your never-ending love. While that’s usually the normal course of action on Valentine’s Day, one dude decided to go in another direction.
Laura Marie Kerr from Ballymena, Northern Ireland (seen above) didn’t know what to expect from her boyfriend on V-Day.
Things took a crazy turn when her boyfriend started texting her. If not for Kerr taking to Twitter to share her experience with the world, we might never know just how legendary her boyfriend truly is.
Yeah, that’s right. This fearless prankster bought tickets to a Champions League soccer game. He risked life, limb, and libido all for the sake of comedy. You are our hero, dude. (Side note: how great of an insult is calling someone a ‘f—ing moose’? That’s my new go-to diss.)
Kerr’s account of the exchange quickly lit up the internet, racking up north of 27,000 retweets as of this writing. Clearly, people were very invested in these two crazy kids and their relationship.

But don’t worry, this man’s bravery is not a relationship ender. Kerr quickly updated everyone that there was not actually any real trouble in paradise.

Congratulations, mystery man. You put it all on the line for a laugh and you lived to tell the tale. I’d consider that a very successful Valentine’s Day.

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