Top 5 College Basketball Jerseys Of All Time Ranked

What makes college basketball so great? There are a million different answers to that question, with the first and foremost of them being March Madness. You also have all the history, the fans, the players, and all of the moments that have happened in the sport. But you know what else makes college basketball so great? The teams’ jerseys.
That’s right, I said jerseys make college basketball great and I stand by that statement. Let me explain myself. When you’re watching a college basketball game, let’s say between Duke and North Carolina, it doesn’t feel right until you see the white jerseys with the word “DUKE” in royal blue written across the chest or the same with those awesome Carolina blue jerseys coming out of the tunnel. Classic jerseys make college basketball what it is, that’s a fact. Yes, I’m aware that jerseys have changed over the years/have been tinkered with. All of the new sports apparel has changed the landscape of sportswear nowadays. But still, although the jerseys may be different, they still have that classic feel to them.
So because I’m such a considerate person, I decided to go ahead and rank the top five jerseys in college basketball we have in 2017. Save you applause for the end of the piece.


UCLA Basketball Jersey

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I LOVE UCLA‘s jerseys, absolutely love them. They’ve remained true throughout the program’s entire history. They’re so simple, with just the light blue “UCLA” written across the chest, but at the same time, they’re so classic. They make you think of the old teams coached under the great John Wooden who had the likes of Lew Alcindor and Bill Walton. UCLA has some of the best jerseys in all of sports, let alone just college basketball. You have to respect how they’ve stayed loyal to Adidas all these years too.

4. North Carolina

North Carolina Basketball Jersey

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Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Antawn Jamison, Rasheed Wallace (SHEED!), and Vince Carter were all famous NBA stars who donned the baby blue and white jerseys. Truth be told, I actually hate the Tar Heels, but mostly because I think they have annoying fans, like all the people who I went to school with in Pittsburgh who had no affiliation with the school whatsoever but yet were die hard fans of the Tar Heels. Sorry for getting off track there, but regardless of how I feel about their program, college basketball isn’t college basketball without some of the sweetest jerseys in the game. I hate you UNC, but dammit I respect you.

3. Kentucky

Kentucky Basketball Jersey

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The Cats get a spot on this list mostly because I don’t want to deal with the wrath of the Big Blue Nation, but also because I love Kentucky’s road jerseys. Similar to UCLA, Kentucky’s jerseys are just so classic and make you think of the famous Adolph Rupp, as well as all the great players that have come through the program throughout the years. The program hasn’t really had any iconic players the last few years (with the exception of Anthony Davis) because they’re all about the one and done players, but that doesn’t change the fact that their jerseys are some of the best in all of the NCAA.

2. Duke

Duke Basketball Jersey

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I love Duke and their jerseys, don’t @ me haters. When I think of college basketball, the first jerseys I think of are Duke’s, and everything they represent. The smugness of Coach K, the white players that you love to hate, the Cameron Crazies being so close to the court that they can almost touch the players on the away team, and Dickie V being at Cameron Indoor Arena for a game screaming, “It’s gonna be awesome baby, with a capital A!” These jerseys should be #1 on the list, but they aren’t and I feel kind of bad about it. Oh well, life goes on.

1. Michigan State

Michigan State Basketball Jersey

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Let me preface this by saying that the Michigan State jerseys in the above picture are the best in college basketball, fact. The throwback Spartan jerseys make me think of one player and one player only, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, one of the most iconic players in all of basketball. The cursive “State” written across the chest have such a collegiate feel to them, that it just brings anyone back to their days in college. Should Duke probably be #1 on this list? Yeah, probably, but the throwback Michigan State jerseys are my favorite, and they should be your favorite too.

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