Mother Nature Cucks The Northeast, Gives Us 60 Degrees & Snow In Same Day

Yeah, sure Mother Nature, kick America while we’re down. Awesome.
Look, I get that the United States is hugely responsible for global warming and our current commander in chief thinks its mere existence is #FakeNews, but do you really need to take it out on the tri-state area? February is already LITERALLY the worst month of the year, you really gotta cuck us with the taste of 60 degrees only to jam 10 inches of snow down our throats while we sleep that night? Bitch move, Mother Nature, bitch move.
Via Daily Mail:

Wild weather over the next 48 hours could see near-record warm weather in the Tri-State area on Wednesday, followed by up to 10 inches of snow on Thursday thanks to Winter Storm Niko.

The Interstate 95 corridor in the Northeast is expected to be hit with heavy snow beginning late on Wednesday night through Thursday, as some areas could get up to six inches or more rapidly, according to the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service has issued winter storm watches for part of southern New England southward into the New York City area as well as west towards south-central Pennsylvania.

In addition, on Thursday gusty winds ‘will also be on the increase across parts of the Northeast,’ according to the National Weather Service.

However, like most winter storms, forecasters say the path and speed of this upcoming storm are still not 100% certain. Meteorologists suck at their jobs, people forget that.


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