New England Patriots Odds: Against the Spread & Season Total 2016-17

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the New England Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl… again. Listen, if you hate the Patriots that’s all well and good. Most of America does. I guess I don’t really have any problem with them, which would put me in the minority on that stance, but regardless of how you feel about them, you have to respect the hell out of everything they’ve accomplished during the Brady-Belichick Era. Four Super Bowl wins, seven Super Bowl appearances,  and 11 Conference Championship Game appearances, including six straight?! That’s absolutely insane!
Now that I’m already listing out all of the Patriots’ accomplishments over the years, it’s time to talk about their most impressive accomplishment: their record against the spread this year, which was just bonkers.

Patriots Record Against the Spread

As impressive as the Pats 14-2 record was this season, what was even more impressive their 13-3 record against the spread. 13-3? Are you kidding me? Why have I not bet thousands of dollars on them each week this year? If you include their two playoff games, which they’ve both covered, New England is currently on a seven-game covering streak, and I think it’ll be eight games once the Super Bowl is all said and done (more on that soon). Their point totals haven’t been as consistent this year, as their record on the OVER point totals was 6-10. Judging on that alone, you’d probably think to bet on the Patriots UNDER during the postseason, but both of their playoff games have gone OVER. Whacky stuff.
As far as the Super Bowl goes, the Patriots are currently three-point favorites over the Atlanta Falcons, with the point total being 59.5. Call me a sucker here, but I fully expect the Patriots to win and cover this game, with the point total going OVER the 59.5 mark that has been set. I can’t say that I’m going to enjoy this Super Bowl because I really don’t care for either one of these teams, but what I will enjoy is betting on the Pats and winning a ton of money.

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