There's A Fake Netflix App That Can Listen To Your Conversations & Take Pictures Of You

2017, the year of “Netflix and oh shit, wait, you’re telling me some creepy hacker is spying on me right now?” Even though Netflix is one of the most popular apps in the world, that doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to imposters.

A fake Netflix app has been discovered by cybersecurity experts, with app features that can take over your device and spy on you.  The device gives strangers access to your phone’s camera, microphone, and messages, which allows them to do all sorts of things, including allowing them to take nude photos and listen to your conversations. Talk about big brother.

Via Daily Mail:

The creepy app for Android was discovered by cyber-security experts, Zscaler, who describe it as ‘a well-crafted piece of spyware we’re calling SpyNote RAT.’

Shivang Desai, a security researcher at ZScaler, wrote: ‘The iOS and Android apps for Netflix are enormously popular, effectively turning a mobile device into a television with which users can stream full movies and TV programs anytime, anywhere.

‘But the apps, with their many millions of users, have captured the attention of the bad actors, too, who are exploiting the popularity of Netflix to spread malware.’

The fake app is downloaded from an unofficial source, rather than from the Google Play Store.  It uses a piece of software called a trojan, which sneaks onto devices disguised as an app.

The last thing you need when you’re Netflix & chillin’ with a girl is some perv on the other end watching you and cranking one out. So kids, if you’re gonna download Netflix, just do it from the app store.

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