'Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass' DLC: Must-See Preview & Details

EA has just announced They Shall Not Pass, the first Battlefield 1 DLC that will land in March. There looks to be a ton of new content, including four new maps, two new vehicles, a new game mode, and the addition of the French Army. The DLC will also include a new Elite Class and a new stationary weapon, as well.
The new game mode, Frontlines, is a “mix of Conquest and Rush.” The official Battlefield 1 site explains that players will “fight for chained control points in a tug-of-war frontline.” Each side will fight for one flag at a time and when one of the control points is captured, the fighting will move on to the next flag. Teams will attempt to push further and further into the enemy territory, eventually trying to capture the enemy’s HQ control point. When that happens, the game shifts and presents the teams with a Rush-style finale where telegraphs must be either destroyed or defended. This seems like a great way to create some longer, more linear battles while maintaining variety throughout and having a more intense and exciting finale to an otherwise basic game-mode.
The new Elite Class is an intriguing addition in the new DLC, as well. The Trench Raider will be outfitted with a “brutal Raider Club and impressive grenade arsenal.” At this point, it is unclear whether the Trench Raider will have some class-specific grenade options or if it will simply have a larger grenade inventory, but it will be exciting to see what that means exactly. It is also unclear what the Raider Club will entail. If the Trench Raider does not have a firearm in its arsenal, I am skeptical about the appeal of the new class. Though, if he is heavily armored and can toss grenade after grenade, the Trench Raider could become a new favorite.

The French army finally makes an appearance in this DLC and they will be joined by two new French vehicles. The new assault tank is the St. Chamond which was “the most heavily armed allied tank of the war.” Joining the Chamond will be a new behemoth. The Char 2C tank is a huge double-barrelled French mobile-armor that, according to the BF1 site ” may turn the tide of the entire battle.”

There are four new maps that will be playable when the They Shall Not Pass DLC drops in March. Below are descriptions for each of the new areas as well as a screenshot for each.

Verdun Heights

“The opening barrage of the Battle of Verdun created massive forest fires in which players will fight for domination. This is an uphill battle towards the massive fortresses of Verdun. A constant grinding struggle where the artillery never stops. Where the forge and “the Devil’s Anvil” continues to consume even the bravest combatants.”

Fort de Vaux

“The first big engagement inside a fort during World War 1 takes place in the dark underworld of Fort de Vaux. Down in the maze of dark galleries and wet stone corridors, French and Germans fight ferociously with grenades, guns, bayonets, and flamethrowers. Watch your corners!”


“Take part in one of the biggest tank assaults of World War 1. The French 10th Army moves to take back Soissons using their powerful Saint Chamond tanks. Planes, tanks, and infantry clash in the beautiful French countryside in the early hours of a hot summer day. Only the thunderstorm is louder than the war.”


“In dire need to capture key bridges across the Aisne river, the French find themselves back into battlefields where poppies grow over a rusty wreck from previous tank battles. It might seem calm but this maze of steel beasts provides an excellent place for those who plan an ambush. As the sun sets over Fontenoy, the battle wakes up.”
There is still no precise date for when the They Shall Not Pass DLC will release, but EA has assured that it will be within the “March 2017,” window. As always, owners of the Premium Pass with receive two weeks of early access to this and all of the DLC’s. Pricing has not been discussed at this point, but based on previous DLC costs for Battlefield games, expect a $15 price tag.

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