Corinne From 'The Bachelor' Is Just Looking For Love Anddd Here She Is In A 2Chainz Music Video

As a favor for the girls over at our sister site, College Candy, I watched an episode of The Bachelor for the first time ever this week so that I could hop onto their podcast and talk about it. I’ll talk about that later in a feature I’m doing about it so you can catch that in a couple of hours (#teaser).
Anyway, whether you watch the show or not, unless you’re a legitimate hermit crab, you’ve probably heard of Corinne. She’s like the villain of the season, and by the villain, I mean that she’s being set up to dramatically make it to at least the final round. This is Corrine:

Yeah, so we’re talking about a Paulina Gretzky-esque 10. Anyway, all the girls on The Bachelor hate on Corinne because, God forbid, she uses her sexuality to get what she wants. All of the other chicks question whether Corinne, 24, is in the contest for the right reasons.
Well, despite how much the chick claims she truly is on the show to get married, her past would suggest something different. And by her past, I mean she used to be hoeing around rappers as a groupie. Yup, Corinne was once in a Juicy J & 2Chainz music video for the song “Zip & A Double Cup.” Zip. And A Double Cup.

Despite all of this, I’m still hundo #TeamCorinne. Chick knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

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