George R.R. Martin Says Next 'Thrones' Book Out This Year & Honestly F*ck This Guy

I have very conflicting opinions about George R.R. Martin. PROS: He created the source material for one of my top five all-time favorite TV shows, he is a fellow Jets fan, and he is also from New Jersey. CONS: He constantly blue balls America by delaying his books, he’s reallll tough to look at, and he is from New Jersey. Now, usually I give GRRM the benefit of the doubt and give him a pass, but I’m a new man in 2017, and enough is enough.
I’m TIRED of GRRM cuckolding America with the promise of the latest Game Of Thrones book, “The Winds of Winter.” It was supposed to be finished in 2015, and then it was moved to last year, but we never got it. Now, he’s promising it will be finished in 2017, although I can’t help but feel like he’s going to whiff on that one, too.
On Tuesday, a commenter on Martin’s LiveJournal account (LiveJournal???) criticized the GRRM for the lack of news and constant delays to the next installment in A Song of Ice and Fire.
GRRM actually responded, saying he expects Winds of Winter “will be out this year.”

Does anyone even care anymore? The show’s got 13 episodes left, and once that’s over, no one’s gonna give a shit about the books anymore. If I’m GRRM, I’m doing everything my fat ass can to get that book published before the season seven premiere of Game of Thrones this summer. Why read about the White Walkers making it south of The Wall when you can just watch it?

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