Atlanta Falcons' DJ Promises To Play Future Songs To Troll Russell Wilson

This is an absolutely DIABOLICAL move and I love every ounce of it. You know the saying, “If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying”? That’s pretty much what’s going on here. The fact is, the Falcons are the Falcons and need every advantage they can get their hands on to defeat the perennial powerhouse of the Seattle Seahawks. That’s why I respect the hell out of their stadium DJ for being a TRUE team player.
Jay Envy, the stadium DJ for the Falcons, says he has plans to unleash a Future playlist during Atlanta’s game against Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. Despite the wishes of Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, Envy seems to be going forward with his plan anyway.

If you don’t understand why this is funny, here’s the expedited version: Ciara used to bang Future (they have a kid), and now she’s married to Russell Wilson. HOWEVER, Russell Wilson is a Christian and claims he was a virgin until his time of the marriage. So basically, everyone’s been ripping on Wilson for the past year for getting cuckolded by Future. Which is fine by me because I can’t stand either one of them. Ciara’s wayyyy out of both their leagues.

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