These Are the Hottest Booth Babes of CES 2017

At the Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas 2017, it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to trip over CES Booth Babes everywhere you go. It’s a trick as old as time: get the eyeballs with the promotional models and hope that your technology or products can finish the sale. The only problem was that some members of the CES community actually were for the banning of booth babes from the convention altogether, considering that a large number of women in the tech field see it as demeaning and sexist.

The issue is that 1) promotional models are something that has been used for years and years in all different industries and 2) some companies are never going to shy away from the practice. The term “sex sells” exists because, well, sex sells. How else is a foreign drone maker or a flash card company supposed to compete against the hundreds of others in the same room as them? They can’t. In the world of business today, everyone needs an edge. And that’s why we think (and hope) that booth babes at CES are here to stay.

Check out some of the hottest women from the CES sales floor in the gallery below.

**CES 2017 just started on Thursday, so we’ll be updating the gallery as time goes on. Keep checking back for more**

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