Welcome To America, Where A Toddler Has Shot A Person Every Week For 2 Years Straight

The landdddddd offff the freeeee, and the homeeeee offffff a toddler shooting someone every week for two years straight! That’s how it goes, right? No? Oh. Well, sh*t. This is depressing.
Welcome to America, one of the world’s largest supporters of the ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ ideology. Well, to those who believe in that laughable theory, I ask you this question: Explain to me how a toddler would be able to hurt seriously hurt someone WITHOUT a gun? Not too easy, is it?
According to Press Union, for the past 104 weeks, there has been at least one toddler somewhere in the US firing a gun and hitting themselves or another person. And even more horrifying is the fact that the number is actually rising.
Via Press Union:

In fact, the situation is getting worse: the rate of toddley shootings in 2016 was up 6% year on year, an alarming result given a continued focus on gun control in the United States.
By October 2016, there has already been an increase in the number of fatalities as a result of toddler shooting as well. Up to October 2016, 16 of the 39 toddlers who shot themselves died from their wounds.
The dtata also shows that toddlers are shooting more other people, too. At last count, there had been 12 incidents involving toddlers shooting people in 2016, although the final number is expected to be higher once all the data comes in.

So, there you have it folks, the country that claims it doesn’t have a gun problem, in fact, has a rampant TODDLER gun problem. Fantastic. Swell. Nothing says blatant ignorance like letting a toddler figure out its way to a gun, and yet here we are, seeing more and more of it every year. Let’s see how the gun lobbyists spin this one.

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