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We Have Our First Great Meme Of 2017: ‘Jersey Shore’ As Movies


'Jersey Shore' as Movies Memes

2016 was a shit show for a lot of reasons, but if there was one positive to come out of those 12 months, it was the memes. There was Harambe, confused Mr. Krabs, None Of My Business Kermit & Evil Kermit, Caveman Spongebob, Angry Arthur, the list goes on and on.

Coming into 2017, a couple of questions were on everyone’s mind: Which famous people will die this year? Who will sing at Trump’s inauguration? But most importantly, would the memes be as dank as they were in 2016? If the first viral meme of the year is any sign of times to come, 2017 will be just a prosperous year for internet culture as the previous year was.

In comes the Jersey Shore as movies memes, where people take pictures from the increasingly dated reality television show and caption them with famous movie titles.

The results are shockingly brilliant.

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