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WATCH: Dan Bilzerian Posts 2016 Recap On Instagram, Immediately Makes You Feel Insignificant


Dan Bilzerian Year End Review Video

There’s really no two ways about it: Dan Bilzerian is the modern-day version of Hugh Hefner. Dan’s not nearly as slick as Hugh (or as cultured) but that’s unfortunately kind of where we’re at in society. He doesn’t have a magazine or a TV show, but he’s got social media, which is all you need these days. You can’t deny this guy’s place in pop culture today. So what’s my point? You shouldn’t get depressed when you watch all of the awesome stuff and hot women that Dan Bilzerian did in 2016… because it’s a lot. Like if you took part in even five seconds of this video, it would probably have been the highlight of your year.

Anyways, we digress… You know those Facebook Year in Reviews that show up on your newsfeed with generally lame stuff? Bilzerian has been hanging with the founder of LiveRich Media (the guy who makes all those slow-motion hottie videos) for the past year and apparently he’s been filming all of the dope stuff that he’s been doing. Private yachts in the Mediterranean. Elephant rides (not walks) in Thailand. Dune buggie trips. Private jets to NYC.

And don’t forget that within all of that he’s hanging with Instagram Hoes™ who are pretty much paid to walk around topless with him all the time.

Not a bad life for a short guy with a ton of cash, right? Check out the absurdity that Dan Bilzerian is living. And you know what? Call him a tool, a hater, a loser, a crook, whatever, but the guy is doing what he wants to do with no apologies. That’s how all of us want to live in 2017, no?

If you hate seeing me do well, 2017 gonna be another fucked up year for you-JH 🎼@bag_raiders

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