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WATCH: Europe’s Best ‘Battlefield 1’ Pilot Dominates With A 27-Kill Streak


Best Battlefield 1 Pilot Video

Right now, my favorite online game is Battlefield 1. No question. Even better, my love for the game has only gotten stronger after all the little kids got the game for Christmas, meaning that my K/D has skyrocketed. But one thing I’ve never quite managed to nail down is flying: whether it’s fighters, bombers, or attack planes. I just can’t seem to do the damage that enemy pilots inflict on me.

So when I was perusing the Battlefield subreddit, I found this gem of a video. It’s from Voodoo x Haze, an Xbox One gamer, who claims to be the #10 player in Europe. He’s just started uploading his own content on YouTube and this video of him going 27-0 throughout the match is mind-blowing not just because he uses the rockets to take out infantry, but because his piloting skills are on a level I’d never be able to compete with.

What I always liked about the fighters was that they were always quick and maneuverable, but unless there was an enemy plane or zeppelin around I wouldn’t be able to kill anyone. Now that I know about these rockets and their usefulness, I’m going to see what I can do out there.

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