Texas Uber Driver Rips On Mack Brown's Coaching Skills While Mack Brown Is Sitting In Passenger Seat

Mack Brown had a lot of success as the University of Texas’ head football coach in the early 2000s, even going so far as to win the National Championship in 2005. For the record, Vince Young’s 4th down TD run is probably one of the greatest sports highlights of my generation. But things happened and started to go downhill for Texas and Brown, so after a tough 2013 season, Brown politely retired.
Since Brown’s retirement, though, the Longhorns haven’t had much success and the people of Texas are pretty upset. Of course, they’re quick to forget that even though Brown left them, he was the first person to bring them a National Championship in 35 years.
Cut to yesterday, where Mack Brown (who now works for ESPN) hopped into an Uber with his new friend and co-worker Adam Amin.

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