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This Italian Policeman Who Shot The Berlin Terrorist Is Probably Drowning In European Chicks Right Now


Luca Scata Photos, Italian policeman pictures

Luca Scata has been identified as the Italian police trainee who confronted the Berlin Christmas market terrorist, Anis Amri, on the streets of Milan and shot him dead. It was only sheer by sheer luck that Scata and his colleague, Christian Movio, came across Amri outside the Sesto San Giovanni station while on patrol. The two officers stopped Amri, who fit the description of the wanted terrorist and asked him for his ID. At that moment, Amri reached into his bag, pulled out a .22 pistol, yelled “Allahu Akhbar,” shot Officer Movio, and took off through the streets. Scata gave chase to Amri and shot him dead in the streets.

Movio, who was mentoring Scata that afternoon, was shot in the shoulder but is in stable condition and will recover shortly.

For his part, Scata is probably the most popular police trainee in the history of the Milan police force. We’re sure that before Scata deleted his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, his DMs were probably full of congratulatory photos and kisses from women across Europe.

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