The 5 Best Last Minute Walking Dead Gifts For TWD Fans

Short supply, stressed out people and standstill traffic for miles. For us Walking Dead fans, it’s hard not to draw some parallels between chaotic holiday shopping and a zombie apocalypse. Or….maybe that’s just my wild imagination. (..Sorry.) But hey, if you got a deadhead in your gift pool or, spoiler alert, you ARE the deadhead-then relax. We’ve got you covered on the best Walking Dead stuff to give or get this holiday season.

1. Telltale Games: The Walking Dead Season 1

If this is not a staple in any Walking Dead fans diet then it absolutely should be. This is the by far the best gift any Walking Dead fan could ask for. An original story with new characters to get attached to and enough tension to rival the tv show. On top of winning a Game of The Year Award, Telltales Season 1 of Walking Dead is available free for limited time on Amazon. (And season 3 just released today.)
Price: FREE (Amazon Digital Services)

Buy Telltales The Walking Dead Adventure Game Season 1 Now.

2. Walking Dead: Board Game

If Walking Dead Monopoly or Jenga doesn’t cut it then it’s time to get into the world of cooperative board games. The Walking Dead Board Game has an easy to understand directions iconic characters to choose and a good amount of replay value. Although the game can be based there will be competition between players. Players can choose to win as a team or succeed on their own in secret.
Price: $24.00

Buy The Walking Dead: Board Game Now.

3. Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wings Messenger Bag

The Walking Dead has a near infinite amount of apparel to choose from but in every local shop I’ve passed or online fandom site I’ve browsed-it’s this one that keeps popping up like some kind of shining beacon. It may not be the holy grail of all Walking Dead merchandise but compared to Neegan’s bat or Daryl’s crossbow, the price is affordable  If you’ve got some extra cash to shell out for a friend-do it. They’ll undoubtedly love you forever.
Price: $61.49 (Free One-Day Pickup for Amazon Prime Members)

Buy Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wings Messenger Bag Right Now.

4. Walking Dead Magic Morning Ceramic Coffee Mug

This is a top choice for fans who prefers their gifts to have some utility. (Look I love my figurines too but sometimes I wish they could talk back to me.) What’s special about this mug is that it changes scenery depending on the temperature of the beverage poured inside. Who would have thought science and Walking Dead could come together to make something like this.
Price: $11.90

Buy Walking Dead Magic Morning Ceramic Coffee Mug Now.

5. Walking Dead Season 1 Poster

A classic pick. For something as simple as a stocking stuffer (Yes I know) or for those of us who are tight on a spending budget. Unless the person you’re buying for has an absolute favorite character in mind-there’s just no better poster. The memorable shot of Rick entering the city on horseback will forever be cemented in our memories. When I think Walking Dead, this is the image that appears.
Price: $6.69

Buy Walking Dead Season 1 Poster Right Here

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