Christmas Gift Ideas For Girlfriend: Last Minute Ideas 2016

Life is busy. School, work, social life, studying, family, and everything else in between are enough to clutter even the most brilliant of minds. If you manage to squeeze a relationship in there, forget about it — something is going to get lost in the shuffle eventually. And unfortunately, especially for us men, that something that gets lost in the shuffle of life may be forgetting to buy your girlfriend a Christmas gift. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens, and it happens to the best of us. And when that time comes, when you have that sinking feeling that you may be the worst boyfriend who ever lived, remember that COED had your back, and check out this list of foolproof last minute gifts for your girl.

Tickets To Something She Loves

This is the ultimate move right here. It’s tried, true, and tested. I’ve done it myself. It’s one of the few last minute gifts that are largely untraceable to the fact that it’s last minute. Whether it be a broadway play or a sporting event or a concert, tickets are an excellent way to save face when you’ve been pushing off buying Christmas gifts.

Dinner Reservations Somewhere Incredible

I’m going to guess your girlfriend likes to eat, as most do. They only problem is, she never knows what the hell she wants, so then you end up with the responsibility of making the decision. So, save yourself some time and figure out what her favorite meal/cuisine is. Once you’ve got that locked down (and by now, you should anyway), find the nicest place in your area that serves that kind of food. Then, once you’ve done that, find somewhere even better than that place. That’s where you take her. Somewhere that you need to get dressed up or something. You can never go wrong with a fancy dinner.


Sometimes you have to just sack up and take the plunge into jewelry. Trust me, it’s worth it, because there are few worse feelings in this world ten when your girlfriend gives you a well-thought-out, endearing gift, and you show up with your metaphorical dick in your hands. If she’s a jewelry chick (careful, cause some aren’t), she’ll be just fine. At the very least, she’ll see that what you might not have spent in thought, you made up for in expense.

Break Up With Her

I mean, if you’re seriously buying your girlfriend a Christmas gift last minute anyway, you’re probably A) a f*cking idiot, B) not that into her, or C) both. Just use the lack of a gift as your way out. If you’re lucky, she’ll break up with you. Point being, if you’re at the point in a relationship where you’re forgetting/not giving a shit about what you get your girl for Christmas, it’s probably down to bail.

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