In A Snapchat BEFORE Last Night's Blowout Loss, Sheldon Richardson Showed How Little The Jets Care

(Screenshot via Twitter/ @drewgaris16)
Update via Deadspin:
Update (1:20 p.m. ET): A Jets spokesperson says that Richardson was talking about Miles, not the game. According to the spokesperson, Richardson did not say, “Where the hoes at, doe? Fuck this game,” but, “Where the hoes at? Don’t fuck this guy,” referring to Miles, whose Snapchat account was being used.

The Jets made it crystal clear on the field last night against the Miami Dolphins that they have packed it in on this season, but in case there was still any doubt this snapchat video posted before the game showed just how little at least some of the Jets players care anymore as they limp to the finish line of a miserable 2016 season.
In the 7 second-video posted on teammate Rontez Miles’ snapchat account with the caption “Real spill”, Richardson shows where his mind is at by asking, “Where the h**s at?” before adding “F**k this game.”

Obviously, Jets coach Todd Bowles wasn’t exactly thrilled after he saw the video. Via ESPN:

Coach Todd Bowles, made aware of the video late Sunday morning, was appalled by Richardson’s comments. He said he will meet “very soon” with him to discuss it.
Bowles didn’t rule out in-house discipline.
“We’ll take care of it here,” he said. “That’s not something we condone or we encourage. That’s unacceptable.”
Asked if he was “disturbed” that a player would behave that way before a game, Bowles replied, “It was disturbing that it was said at all.”

With that being said, Bowles also said he thought Richardson played hard in the Jets 34-13 beatdown at the hands of the Miami Dolphins.
While I usually think teams are too quick to get rid of their head coaches as a way to divert blame away from management and the players, it sure seems like the Jets have completely quit on Bowles this season. Therefore a head coaching change before next season would be fully justified.

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