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Former NFL RB Decided To Whip It Out At The Gas Station Because Why Not

(Credit: Jonathan Daniel /Getty)

(Credit: Jonathan Daniel /Getty)

I’ve never understood the appeal of public exposure. I just don’t see the appeal. Unless you’re repping a foot plus down below, there are literally zero positives to whipping it out in public.

Jamal Anderson, a former NFL running back, was banned from a QuikTrip store in Gwinnett County, Georgia, after police say he exposed himself to a store clerk. However, he avoided criminal charges, as the clerk decided against pressing charges. Anderson was issued a warning for criminal trespassing. Anderson appeared to be intoxicated, according to authorities, who ordered him an Uber to take him home.

Via TMZ Sports:

“The clerk reported a black male had walked into the store early Wednesday morning, slurred something and started handing over money. He started walking around the store. A short while later he walked up to the clerk and took out his penis and started masturbating.”

This is Anderson’s second run in with the law over the last few months. In August, Anderson was charged with a suspended license and a move-over violation and he has also been arrested on DUI charges in the past. Similarly, was also arrested on drug possession charges in 2009.

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