Mexican Villagers Get Gangster Themselves–Kidnap Gang Leader’s Mother To Exchange For Innocent Villager

Mexican cartels and drug lords are the last kind of people that I’d want to mess with, but I guess that if they’re literally destroying your life every single day there comes a time when enough is enough and you need to take matters into your own hands. This is especially true in some parts of Mexico, where if you believe what you read, a lot of the Policia are corrupt and on the payroll of said cartels.

[On that note, I highly suggest watching Cartel Land, a documentary about a group of vigilantes who have no problem killing the cartels themselves. The movie’s actually insane and by the time it’s over you don’t know who’s good and who’s bad… But I digress.]


Meet Yadira Guillermo Garcia (above), a ride or die b*tch whose husband was kidnapped by a gang headed up by El Tequilero. Yadira and her friends in San Miguel Totolapan have had enough of the crap that El Tequilero has done. So, what do they do? They went and kidnapped El Tequilero’s mother, in addition to five others who worked for El Tequilero. That’s called getting things done. Then they got on TV and told the world what they had done.

Unfortunately, El Tequilero hasn’t shown himself to save his own mother, but the villagers are staunch in their ways. They’ve already refused to release the mother to the police and soldiers who’ve asked for her return.

We hope that El Tequilero releases Garcia’s husband and then returns home to his mother who beats the snot out of him, but sadly the truth is that the end is probably going to be a lot less clean-cut. What are the chances that Garcia’s husband is even still alive? Slim to none. And even if the hostage exchange does go down, you’d have to think that El Tequilero wouldn’t stand for the kidnapping of his own mother.

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